What is GV for Windows Phone?

GV for Windows Phone is an unofficial Google Voice client. Use your Google Voice account to dial your friends, send text messages, and listen to voicemail! You will need a Google Voice account from http://www.google.com/voice to use this application. Your phone must be registered as a valid phone on your Google Voice account for this application to function.


  • Google Voice Dialing
  • Low cost, long distance calling through Google Voice
  • Call History
  • Free* Text (SMS) Messaging
  • Push Notifications for new text messages and voicemails
  • Access your Windows Phone Contacts from within the Application
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Voicemail Recordings
  • Landscape Support and Auto-Complete Keyboard for Text Messaging
  • Call log entries and text message senders are shown by their Google Account names so you never have to wonder who that number belongs to again!
  • Your password is encrypted on the device and only sent to the Google Voice servers over Secure Sockets Layer (https). We care about your security.

*Data charges incurred by the operation of the application still apply.

Note: This application is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Google or Google Voice. Google Voice is a trademark owned by Google, Inc.