What is Chan Party Van?

Chan Party Van is an application for browsing and posting on the 4chan image board. Read about and participate in conversations about everything from new technology to Japanese anime and manga.


  • Read posts on the 4chan image board in an application built from the ground up for Windows Phone
  • Post anonymously on topics from a wide range of hobbies and interests
  • Easy saving of images straight to your Windows Phone
  • Save entire threads for viewing later when off the internet
  • Ignore threads you don’t want to read and never see them again!
  • Set up automatic image downloads to download images for your saved threads in the background so that you can look at them even after the thread has died
  • Custom data management features ensure that Chan Party Van is never using more of your phone’s storage than you want it to and allows for fast and easy deleting of images to reclaim space on your phone

Note: This application is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by 4chan.