Frequently Asked Questions

These are commonly asked questions about Picture Organizer. If you have any questions that are not addressed below, please feel free to contact us using the feedback page.

What is the Source folder?

The Source folder is the folder with the images you'd like to sort. Select a Source folder with images in it and then quickly sort them into the destination folders.

What is the Destination Root folder?

The Destination Root folder is a folder which contains other folders you'd like to sort images into. When you've selected a Destination Root, all of the folders inside the Destination Root folder will be listed on the right of the screen as possible destinations for the currently selected source image.

How do I sort images from the Source folder into a Destination folder?

Just tap or click on a destination folder on the right and the image from the left will be moved into that folder. Once the image is moved, the next one will be displayed.

Why do the Destination folders keep moving around?

Destination folders are sorted by the number of files you've moved into them. If you move a lot of pictures into a folder called Funny, then the Funny folder will move closer to the top of the list.

What are the numbers next to the Destination folders?

The numbers next to each Destination folder show you how many images you've sorted into that folder in this session of Picture Organizer. The numbers do not represent the total number of images in the Destination folder.